St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Kamloops

Christian Church in Kamloops. About us, who we are, what we believe.

The Church’s one foundation
Is Jesus Christ her Lord,
She is His new creation
By water and the Word
From heaven he came and sought her
To be his holy bride,
With His own blood he bought her,
And for her life he died.

After considerable exploration had been made by the Board of Canadian Missions of the American Lutheran Church in Canada (ALCC), the property at 815 Renfrew was purchased. Following the Ground Breaking services on Monday, October 23, 1961, construction of the church began. Mr. E. Hoffman of New Westminster supervised the construction of the Church sanctuary and foyer.

Pastor L.E. McFarland, formerly of Port Arthur, Ontario was called to serve St. Andrews Lutheran. By the time the Pastor and his family arrived the church was ready for use.
The first service was held in the parsonage basement on Sunday the 17th of June 1961. Most of the congregation was made up of members from the disbanded Christ Lutheran Church in Brocklehurst.

The following week two services was held in the new building, one in the morning with 72 attending and the second in the evening at which Rev. McFarlane was commissioned as the duly installed Missionary of St. Andrews Lutheran Church. Along with Pastor E. Krause of Vernon officiating there was 84 in attendance. The electric organ had been installed in time to accompany the Vernon church choir make a more festive celebration.

1961 – 1971 Pastor McFarlane was the mission Pastor of St. Andrew under whose leadership established the roots for St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church.

Our first Communion Service was held on August 12th, 1961 and on September 9th of the same year Sunday School started.

The Cornerstone Dedication service was held September 23rd, 1962. Dr. Karl Holfeld, President of the Canadian District of the American Lutheran Church officiated at this service. He was assisted by the Rev. Curtis Satre, Director of Canadian Missions and by the Rev. L.E. McFarlane. Items placed in the cornerstone were: Hymnal, Bible, List of Charter Members, Copy of the local Sentinel newspaper and the Dedication booklet from the service.
The first Annual Meeting was held January 21st, 1963 with 38 people present. The first Church Council consisted of: President – Pastor L. E. McFarlane, Vice President- O. Bepple, Secretary- H. Neuber, Treasurer-B. Anderson, Board of Deacons- Dr. L. Vinge, D. Collins, F. Strotegal, Board of Stewardship- E. Jacobsen, K. Yeske, Dr. P. Fellenz, Board of Trustees-A. Eppler, F. Langenek, J. Hannes and first organists were Mrs. Clare Collins and Miss Sandra Jacobsen.

Capital cost of the property was approximately $63,000.00 was reviewed at the first Annual Meeting and it was noted that the Board of Canadian Missions would contribute a minimum of $16,000.00 subsidy (interest rates stated) to start the work of St. Andrew’s. With a new constitution adopted, and 87 members including children St. Andrew’s Mission church commenced to serve the Lord.

1996; Discussion on establishing a Members Covenant Book instead of a Membership Registration Book was started. It was voted on at a special congregational meeting.
The covenant to be placed in signature book and read yearly was as follows:

We, members of the Church of Christ desiring to be blessed together, in The Holy Spirit, with Word and Sacrament, and to be united as a congregation in the common confession, defense, and propagation of our faith in Jesus Christ our Saviour, do hereby affirm our membership in St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church of Kamloops for the year of Our Lord ______.

In 1992 St. Andrew’s was led by the Spirit to leave the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. After concerns with fundamental issues of abortion, homosexuality and the inerrant word of the Bible. A congregational vote on March 15, 1991 result in confirmation for the congregation to resign from E.L.C.I.C. Following St. Andrew’s was instrumental in the formation of a new national body, which was called Canadian Association of Lutheran Ccongregations. Pastor Vern Roste was the first President and Bill Anhorn was the first treasurer, both members of St. Andrew’s. (1992-1995)

A Special meeting of Oct 21, 2001 confirmed the following:

Vision: To build ourselves, up as a family of followers of Christ who learn and share the Good news of salvation, making disciples of Jesus Christ.
Mission: To make disciples of all nations beginning with St. Andrew’s and outward through worship, education, witnessing , servant hood and support. (Great Commission Matt 28:19)

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