St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Kamloops

A Short Biography of Pastor David Schumacher

Pastor David's Bio

Pastor David Schumacher

    How in the world did I get to be a pastor?

     Well, do you want the long version or the short version?  I’d go with the short version.

     I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  After highschool I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life.  One Sunday morning, during a worship service at the church my parents and I attended, Redeemer Lutheran Church, I spied a pamphlet in the  pew in front of me.

     It said on the front, “The Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute.”  AND, as soon as I picked it up I knew that that’s where I was headed.

     CLBI is in Camrose, Alberta, and for two years I learned about the Bible, grew in my faith, and slowly but surely, came to the realization that God wanted me to be a pastor.

     We Bible students used to call CLBI, “The Canadian Lutheran BRIDAL Institute,” because so many of us met our future spouses there.

     I graduated from Bible school in the spring of1974.  That fall I  enrolled in the Bachelor program at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

     The next spring I decided to take a year off and pursue other more pressing matters, as in Cathy Berdahl, who I met at “The Canadian Lutheran Bridal Institute.” 

     On December 13, 1975, Cathy and I got married.

     In the fall of 1976, we both attended University.  I ended up with  a three year Bachelor degree (while Cathy pursued an Education degree) and then subsequently sign up at LTS (“The Lutheran Theological Seminary”).

     Our first pastoral call was to Waldersee, Manitoba.  We were there from 1981 to 1987.  Three of our children were born in Waldersee.

     In the spring of 1987, we accepted another call to Edenwold, Saskatchewan (just outside of Regina).  We were there from 1987 to 1992.  Our last child was born while we were serving in Edenwold.

     On June 1, 1992 we started at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ponoka, Alberta.  We were there for 18 years.  Our three oldest children still live in Ponoka.  Two of them are married and have 10 children between them.  Our grandchildren!!!

     In the fall of 2010, God decided to move us one more time, and on December 1, 2010 we began a new adventure in ministry right here, in Kamloops, at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church.