St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Kamloops

Another Dimension

...My initial reaction was one of high alert. Every sense was at maximum. I felt I had to resist this creature with all that I was and to repel it with all that I could. In my spirit I cried out for help... Read More

Would you like to share a personal testimony or special experience with us? Tell others how God is present in your life or has influenced you in a personal way. You can use the form below, or bring it in to the office and our secretary can present it.

Testimonies as written or presented by guests, visitors and parishioners.

Strange Things Done in The Land of The Midnight Sun

...I was in such pain the weight of only a single sheet was too much. Sleep came in fits and spurts... I was hot to the touch but drenched in sweat. My mouth had died up and my tongue felt swollen.... Read More

God, Warts, Bees and Me

...When I got about half way between the farmer and my truck, a dog that looked like a Rottweiler came charging straight for me... I glanced back to the truck but it was too far for me to reach... Read More

 God's People

...I can’t remember much of the next few years. I was abandoned without my family, my friends, and had no real home in Alberta. Each and every day the pain would find me and then worse, the anger...   Read More